Black Girl Powerhouse Exterior (Plan A Only) 
Plan B does not include swimming pool  or sports fields

Swimming Pool & Lounging


While many of us would love to vacation to a beautiful resort, the cost to do so may be out of reach. We’ve solved that little problem, and every weekend of the year, throughout the summer, our members will be able to beat the heat and dive into the Olympic-sized swimming pool.  If you don’t like to swim, you can lounge by the poolside while reading a good book! So don’t forget to bring your bathing suits and get ready to get your splash on. During the winter months, pull out the marshmallows and join us by the campfire.  
Here comes the beautiful bride! If you’ll be looking for a place to have your wedding, look no more. The BG Powerhouse will have a special, outdoor place for our members to tie the knot. Or, if you’re a party girl who would love to have an out-of-this-world birthday bash, we got you covered. Our huge tent will make you feel like a celebrity and you can decorate the interior how you wish. Discounts for party tent usage are included with membership.

Miniature Golfing

Volleyball & Kickball

The green will be waiting for you, and if you don’t know how to play golf, don’t hesitate to learn. You never know how good you are at something, unless you try. We hope our members will show love for the golf clubs while visiting.
Calling all Powerhouse sisters who love to play sports! The competition will be steep, especially when our old school members take on the younger ones. You can watch from the sidelines, but we’ll encourage all of our members to team up and join the fun. Our field can also be utilized  by organizations that already have teams established.


The BG  Powerhouse estate will be on multiple acres of land, so there will be so much more to explore.  We will offer other outdoor activities like: horseback riding, bike riding, exercising challenges and even tennis. Maybe we'll invite one of our Hall of Fame Powerhouse sisters, Serena Williams, to join us and show our members how it’s done!    


Our outdoor concerts will be fun and entertaining. We look forward to seeing new artists, also well known ones who would like to give our Powerhouse members something to shout about. Ticket prices for concerts will be discounted and some concerts may be free. All concerts will be listed on our website, so when the doors open, be sure to sign up for our newsletter for updates.