Black Girl Powerhouse Interior

Art Displays & BG Powerhouse Wall of Fame

Gift Shop & Bookstore

As we celebrate women of color, throughout the BG Powerhouse  you will see many displays of amazing black women whom we consider trailblazers. You will also see a BG Powerhouse Wall of Fame, where well-known, inspiring black women will be represented, as well as women who have simply gone out of their way to make a real difference in the lives of others. Our displays will warm your hearts, and they will be a reminder for us to always strive for the best.     
While you’re spending time at the BG Powerhouse, you’ll be able to browse our gift shop and pick up something special for everyone in the family. There will be books from some of your favorite female writers, special teas & coffees, T-shirts, gift boxes, candles, souvenirs and more! Vouchers to spend in the gift shop will be included with every membership.

The Great Room

As soon as you walk into the Powerhouse, you will see a great room like no other. This is where our Powerhouse sisters will meet & greet every weekend. We want everyone to get to know each other, and after quick introductions, it’ll be time to explore.  

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms are where the magic happens, and we want our Powerhouse sisters to receive a wealth of information while visiting. From educational seminars to simple “how to” classes, we promise to have it all! We want to hear from successful entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and individuals who can help us stay healthy and wealthy. Hearing from our politicians is equally important, and we'll invite them to the Powerhouse to speak about issues that affect our communities and discuss ways to  resolve them. We'll get tips on how to start a business from the best of the best. And through painting, some of us may find out how artistic we really are. Let's finally get some direction when it comes to dealing with depression. No, you're not alone, and it's time for us to open up and speak about it. We'll discover how to dress to impress, and don't we all want to know ways to make our money grow? A financial advisor should be able to tell us, so bring your notebooks and pens to take good notes!  All events will be available to our members, but because seating may be limited, you will be required to register in advance.

Chef's Kitchen

We hope you’ll be ready to sample a different variety of foods each weekend of the month. There will be two chefs available to prepare cuisine style hors d’oeuvres that will make your mouth water. So grab a stool in front of the island or relax at one of the circular booths to chat with others and enjoy. All hors d’oeuvres are included with membership. 


We all love to be pampered, so take a weekend trip to the BG Powerhouse to simply pamper yourself. From facials to backrubs, professional masseurs will make you feel as if you’re on a tropical island. Get your manicures and pedicures, too. Powerhouse girls deserve it and we offer sizeable discounts with each membership package.    

Wine & Bar Area

Theater Room & Concession Area

What’s your favorite wine? No matter what it is, we’ll have plenty of it on hand for you to sample and also purchase. Our bar area will have a restaurant feel to it. You’ll be able to chill at the bar and listen to a variety of smooth music while socializing with your Powerhouse sisters. If you don’t drink, that’s perfectly fine too. All non-alcoholic beverages are on the house and they’re included with your membership as well.
Feel free to grab a bag of buttered popcorn, along with all the candy you want at the concession stand. After that, slide into the theater room and enjoy one of your favorite movies while reclining in a comfy chair. We’re sure you’ll like what’s showing . . . maybe something starring several award- winning actors and actresses. Movies are included with your membership, with the exception of VIP movie premieres that are considered special events for Gold members only.
Single Level